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Company Profile

Pinnco Elevator was founded by Harry and Pearl Pinney in 1984 when they realized a need in the Canadian elevator industry for a company which could provide hydraulic parts quickly. Starting with an agreement with both Maxton and Texacone to be their Canadian distributor for their products the business soon grew.

When their son, Steve, joined Pinnco, the business changed and diversified. Pinnco now supplies many different elevator parts and evolved into manufacturing specialty products and custom made equipment as well.

Pinnco staff focus on custom made tanks, coolers, valve conversions with piping made to measure and rebuilt valves tested on our in-house elevator. Custom made transfer oil pumps, pit pumps, rebuilt foot mount pumps are also manufactured on-site. These products are designed and built on-site and shipped across Canada.

Steve is kept busy by supplying consultation and technical support, teaching valve adjusting and making on-site visits to assist solving mechanical issues our customers may have.

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